Keith Jack Rhapsody Necklace -Iolite

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This pendant is part of Keith Jack's New Rhapsody Collection.

Materials: Sterling Silver with 10k Yellow Gold and 3.5mm pear shaped Iolite

Dimensions (w x h): 1 7/8″ x 1 7/8″

Trinity Knot

The Trinity knot is the most recognized of all Celtic symbols. While there are many different interpretations, most seem to agree on a joining of three entities, three being a sacred number to the Celts.

Maiden, Mother, and Wise Woman is another meaning used with the Trinity, Maybe Earth, Moon - Sun, the three seasons of the Celtic isles

Sterling Silver Popcorn Chain 18" included

Made of Sterling Silver.

By Glasgow Designer Keith Jack.

Product Code: 28201

Keith Jack Sterling Rhapsody Iolite

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Keith Jack Sterling Rhapsody Iolite

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