Belleek China Glendalough Plate

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The 2007 Belleek Glendalough Plate is a limited edition of 2,000.
Each plate features a special backstamp denoting its year of issue and is individually numbered, making it a true collectable.

Glendalough is situated deep in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, and was chosen by Saint Kevin as the site to build his monastery because of its remoteness and serenity. The reputation of Saint Kevin and his monastery attracted a growing number of pilgrims, thus making Glendalough into a great and holy city. Saint Kevin died on July 3, 618. His feast is celebrated on the third of July in both Orthodox and Western calendars. However in Ireland it is celebrated on the third of June.

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Belleek China Glendalough Plate (2)

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Belleek China Glendalough Plate (2)

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