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Platinum Plated March Claddagh Pendant with Swarovski

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A dazzling Swarovski crystal heart of oceanic Aquamarine rests between the hands of a
traditional Celtic Claddagh. The Claddagh is complete with an intricately detailed crown and an arm
of brilliant white crystals.

Aquamarine Claddagh

The Celtic Claddagh is a classic symbol of Celtic tradition that signifies love and friendship. It
is created with two hands that hold a heart, topped with a crown. The hands are for friendship, the
heart is for love, and the crown is for loyalty. The long, curved arm of the figure is embellished
with beaming white crystals; each crystal is meant to suggest purity, clarity and true beauty.

Aquamarine, a stunning light blue crystal, is the birthstone of March. It inspires safety,
protection, and romance. It is also known for its positive properties of happiness and youthful

Perfect for All Occasions

With a striking Platinum Plated setting and dazzling crystal embellishments from Swarovski, this
Aquamarine Claddagh pendant necklace exudes beauty and elegance. The delicate craftsmanship and
artful design make it easy to wear for all occasions. Hold on to this special piece as a personal
keepsake, or gift it to a most deserving other who may call March their birth month.

  • 18" Sterling Silver Chain included
  • Presentation Boxed

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Platinum Plated March Claddagh Pendant with Swarovski (2)

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Platinum Plated March Claddagh Pendant with Swarovski (2)

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