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14K White Gold Irish Empress Claddagh with Emerald and Diamond

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This lovely Ladies White Gold Claddagh Ring shines brightly thanks to the bright emerald center stone, in the shape of a heart, and the many gorgeous diamonds set within the traditional Claddagh symbol, which is crafted out of white gold.

Prosperous Relationship

The three parts of the Celtic Claddagh symbol represent the necessary components of strong relationships that can stand the test of time. The first, Love, is shown in the heart, which is clasped by two hands representing friendship. The final component is loyalty, denoted by the crown. When paired with the vivid Emerald, these symbols create a prosperous relationship. The Emerald is widely considered a symbol for prosperity, wealth, and success.

Lifelong Romance

The Ladies White Gold Claddagh Ring would make a charming gift to celebrate an engagement or a wedding anniversary. When worn on the left hand with the point of the heart facing away from the body, the wearer is traditionally noted to be engaged. A married woman would traditionally wearing it facing in on the left to signify her lifelong commitment.

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14K White Gold Claddagh With Emerald And Diamond (

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14K White Gold Claddagh With Emerald And Diamond (

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