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3 Button Irish Sweater, Connemara Green

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This rich green conamarra color is indicitive of the clorious Irish west. It is a favorite in all our stores especially in this 3 button style. It takes the traditional sweater and makes it more comfotible around the neck. A combination of Irish stitch styles including Diamond, Cable and Honeycomb. Great for men but that certainly does not exclude wear by women. Wear it once and you'll have a new favorite sweater.

  • Made from luxurious 100% soft merino wool
  • Stand-up collar with three buttons - pullover
  • A slimmer fit sweater for men, perfect 4 season sweater
  • A button up collar using wooden buttons
  • Made in Co. MayoIreland


Product Code: 34256

Diamond Pattern Troyer, Connemara (2)

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Diamond Pattern Troyer, Connemara (2)

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