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This item is based loosely on a poncho or shawl shape.  It is perfect for any occasion.  Dress it up or down. This shawl is ideal for year round wear.  Its versatility is boundless.  You can throw it over a long coat in the depths of winter for an elegant look, over a long sleeve shirt in the fall, or over your shoulders on a cool summer night. 

This piece is handmade of natural Irish linen and silk in Scotland.

One size fits most.
All are machine washable unless stated otherwise on their tag. 

Bill & Helen Baber first opened their studio workshop in 1976 and have been going strong ever since.  They moved into their current location just over 25 years ago and are looking forward to our 40th year in business in 2016!  A family runs business with a great ethos and a beautiful store in Edinburgh which caters to first time visitors and our regulars who have extensive collections of their own!  Bill Baber Knitwear is a place you will hold dear to your heart.  Designed and made in Edinburgh, the collection is ever expanding and developing.  Bill Baber Knitwear is a true boutique business and holds quality at its heart.  Whether it's the finest of silk, Merino wool and 100% Irish linen or the attention to detail given to each garment and every customer, Bill Baber Knitwear will always leave you impressed and eager to come back again.

Product Code: 28496


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