Branigan Honeycomb Tunic Coat

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Yes - those famous Branigan Cape folks make coats too!

Same great wool fabric. Soft and luxuious. It's knee length give or take a bit.

Big front pockets. Generous 3/4 sleeves. No collar to get in the way of your favorite, snood, cowel or scarf.Yes we have those too.

This one is stunning and versitle in a deep grey "Honeycomb" pattern.

Four button front placard, but really they are "button look" big snaps, no more swearing about that lost button.

Made in historic Drogheda, Ireland by the famed John Branigan Weavers.

Stocked in Medium and Large - choose size below.

While some sizes are available for shipping today, the size you have selected ships direct from Dublin every Wednesday. If you choose In Store Pick Up at check out you will be notified when your order is ready.

This ring is in stock. Our expert Goldsmiths will size it perfectly to your size selection. Please allow us a working day or two to do that for you at no extra charge.


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Branigan Tunic Coat (3)

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Branigan Tunic Coat (3)

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