Celtic Warrior Blue Post Earrings

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Put some polish on everyday outfits with these earrings.
We designed these earrings to match the Boru's Celtic Warrior Blue Collection and Boru in Dublin has agreed to make them for us as part of the collection.

Perfect for gifts or why not treat yourself.

Comes in a luxurious presentation box.

Stones: Swiss Blue CZ 5.5mm x 2, 4.5mm x 2, Clear CZ 1.5mm x 26, 1.25 x 24.

The Celtic Warrior Collection has been inspired by one of Ireland’s foremost treasures, the Ardagh Chalice. In 1868 it was found in Ardagh, County Limerick by two men digging potatoes. The Ardagh Chalice is made of silver and decorated with 354 pieces of gold, brass, lead pewter, copper, gilt bronze and enamel beading. There are great examples of fine filigree gold work on this piece. It shows the extraordinary skill, craftsmanship and time that was devoted to making the chalice. Not breaking with traditions, we at Boru Jewelry have designed the Celtic Warrior Collection for you to enjoy today. The gold filigree band on the Ardagh Chalice, featuring shield decorations, forms the basis of the intricate designs featured on each piece of our Celtic Warrior Collection. Skilled goldsmiths make our Celtic Warrior Collection in our Dublin workshop.

  • Combines both elegance and fashion
  • A very lovely look, easy to wear and extremely versatile
  • Perfect for your everyday look

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Celtic Warrior Blue PostEarrings (2)

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Celtic Warrior Blue PostEarrings (2)

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