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Waterford Alana Crystal 12" Vase

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In Gaelic, Alana is a term of endearment meaning 'Darling' or 'Darling Child'.
The Alana Collection is soft and romantic, with stemware and crystal characterized by a criss-cross of intricate diamond cuts and simple, traditional design.

This diamond cut pattern was first introduced in 1952.
The intricate design sparks endlessly.
This classic piece measures 12" tall and weights 7.5lbs.

To preserve the clairty of your crystal we recommened handwashing.
This piece was handcrafted in the County of Waterford, Ireland.

Product Code: 13339

Waterford Alana Crystal 12 Vase (3)

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Waterford Alana Crystal 12 Vase (3)

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