Bill Baber Oatmeal Stole Product ID: 26665

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A variation on the poncho shape.

Straight sided but open at the front, so you can pin closed with jewellery like a cardigan, or wrap around your shoulders like a shawl.

Wool and linen mix and fully reversible, so you really have two garments in one! The effect is a warmer weight than we usually work with, lots of bounce and life in the fabric, so autumn rather than deep winter!

If you are feeling particularly creative you can have a lot of fun with the strong geometric shapes and bold cut of the Stole. We like them best as shown pinned over, but everyone who tries one on has their own take on how best to wear it.

70% Wool, 30% Irish Linen

Measures 36 x 46 in

One size fits many

Product Code: 26665


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