Celtic Cross of the Scriptures Clonmacnois

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Cross of the Scriptures
Clonmacnois, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Perhaps the most gracefully proportioned of all the Irish High Crosses, this 9th century stone cross stands 13 feet high. Monks used the interlinked panels of the scripture crosses like a picture book to teach about Christ. The scenes may be tentatively identified as follows, from the bottom upwards;
1. Joseph (left) interprets the dream of Pharaoh's Butler.
2. Chief Butler (left) hands the drinking horn to Pharaoh.
3. Christ handing the key to Peter (right) and the book of the New Testament to Paul (left).

Center: The Last Judgment - Christ carrying the cross-staff and scepter. Good souls on left coming to Christ or heaven - bad souls on right going away from Christ to the devil.
Top: Christ in Glory accompanied by two angels.

17" x 8"

Comes Boxed.

Made in the USA by Irish Hands

Product Code: 25331

McHarp Cross of the Script (2)

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McHarp Cross of the Script (2)

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