Celtic Cross Dupplin

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Dupplin Cross

Forteviot, Scotland

The Dupplin Cross is freestanding and about 10 feet tall, with intricate carving on all sides. Located on a hill on the north side of the River Earn about a mile from the village of Forteviot, it is a Picto-Scoto monument of the late 9th century. The cross has Celtic interlaced work and key patterns as well as pictorial panels. The knotwork of the top square is unending, Symbolizing everlasting life. The cross is magnificently carved around the shaft with rows of warriors with round shields, a Harper, and zoomorphic creatures.

12" x 5" Comes Boxed.

Made in the USA by Irish Hands

Product Code: 25335

McHarp Dupplin Cross (2)

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McHarp Dupplin Cross (2)

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