Celtic Cross Dysert O'Dea

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Dysert O'Dea
East Face, Co. Clare, Ireland

A 12th century limestone High Cross which stands 11 feet high. The east face is dominated by a figure of Christ in a long robe and triumphantly stretching forth his arms. Beneath Him, a bishop with a mitre and volute crozier, probably representing the local saint, Tola, who founded a monastery in the eighth century. The hole is where the right hand a separate carved stone, was attached but is now gone.

St. Tola’s High Cross from the 12th century, ringless in design, a characteristic particular of the High Crosses that stand in County Clare. This cross was refurbished in 1683 by a member of the O’Dea family, according to an inscription that appears on the surface.

12.5" x 5" Comes boxed

Made in the USA by Irish Hands

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McHarp Dysert ODea Cross (2)

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McHarp Dysert ODea Cross (2)

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