Celtic Cross Moone

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Moone Cross
Co. Kildare, Ireland

In an old graveyard of Moen Cholum Cille, site of and early Columban monastery, is perhaps the most striking of all Irish High Crosses. The cross at Moone is 17 feet high thus making it the second tallest High Cross in the country. The animals depicted on the shaft of the cross are domestic animals. Animals, which then as is true now, were very important to the common people. Perhaps this is a blessing for the animals that they so depended on. The spirals on the head of the cross symbolizes all that is rhythmical, the seasons of the year, life and death, of becoming and passing away; cycles that were very important to their agricultural way of life.

15" x 5" Comes Boxed.

Made in the USA by Irish Hands

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McHarp Moone Cross (2)

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McHarp Moone Cross (2)

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