Claddagh Birthstone Pendant, April

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This gorgeous Claddagh pendant decorated with April birthstones is the perfect gift for any April birthday. The symbol of a crowned heart held delicately by innocent hands is shown here as a classical Celtic symbol, while the April birthstone, diamond (CZ), glistens around it.

Meaning in Jewelry

The Claddagh symbol of the heart, crown and hands represents the importance and balance of love, loyalty and friendship in life. With the addition of the diamond (CZ), the birth month of April is showcased here. This pendant is the essential gift to show the love and importance one person can inspire, while celebrating the month it all began.


The gorgeous sterling silver and diamond pendant is a celebration of a birth in April, but can be worn year round. The simple elegance of shimmering diamonds on silver is the perfect combination with a little black dress. But this handcrafted pendant can also be used in casual wear, as the finishing gem to any outfit.

Material Sterling Silver

Weight 3.2 grams

Width 21mm

Height 31mm

Made in Ireland.

Product Code: 15739

Claddagh Birthstone Pendant, April

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Claddagh Birthstone Pendant, April

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