Emerald Crystal Barley Flared Vase 8" Product ID: 28429

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A wonderful gift for a loved one.

Hold a large bouquet of flowers.

Great Mother's Day gift.

The Barley 8" Flared vase is one of a series of vase that has the pattern of harvested barley in a fusion of diagonal and vertical wedge cuts, portraying stacks of barley scattered throughout a field.Each barley stack is cut in crystal, using tiny wheels to form the upright sheafs that are a sign of reward ,return and renewal. The stacks are sitting atop a section of crosscuts to show the strength of the land that supports all living things,The ears of barley, the very source of life for cereal and beers are cut using very precise skills, that have been honed over the many years of endeavour. Each piece , has handmade in Ireland on it.

  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Perfect as a Mother's Day gift
  • Hold a large bouquet of flowers
Product Code: 28429

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