Hand Loomed V-Neck Irish Cardigan Sweater Product ID: 15377

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This Authentic Irish sweater was Hand Loomed and Hand Finished in Ireland 
Natural Aran in color.
Known in Ireland as a Lumber Jacket this is a V neck Cardigan.  5 Buttons and 2 Traditional front pockets. Traditional Knit Pattern.
Crafted from Certified Authentic Donegal Wool.

This is a whole different quality, weight and authenticity than more mass produced sweaters. Please consider the quality when making your purchasing decision.

This is as real Irish as it gets!
100% Pure Irish Wool / 100% Laine Natural.
V Neck Cardigan was traditionally a Gents style sweater but now commonly worn by woman as well.

Rita Condron Brand Hand Loomed V Neck Cardigan.
Perfect Irish sweater to keep warm fall,winter and spring seasons.

Available Sizes M-XXL.
Sweater are meant for layering. We recommend you purchase a size larger than you would normally wear.

Product Code: 15377


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