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Irish Accordian Masters - Joe Derrane and Jerry O'Brien

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To this very day Joe and Jerry are considered the finest at thier craft. Truely Legendary!

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Sailor's Bonnet • Sailor's Hornpipe • Gypsy Hornpipe • Saddle the Pony • Chase Me Charlie • Blackbird • Little Judy • Mrs. McLeod • Stack of Barley • Kildare Fancy •
Old Backguard
• Hardiman'sFancy
• Duke of Leinster
• McCarthy's Hornpipe
• Primrose Lass
• Loudens Braes
• Red Haired Boy
• Turkey in the Straw
• Irish Washerwoman
• Friendly Visit
• Varsouviana
• Orange & Blue Cuckoo's Nest
• Rose in the Heather
• O'Donnell Abu
• Mullingar Races


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Irish Accordian Masters

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Irish Accordian Masters

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