Irish Grandfather Shirt - White

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This is the traditional Irish Grandfather Shirt. 
Known for generations as "The Grandfather Shirt" this is as Irish as it gets. Think of every Irish movie you ever saw. Seeing this shirt now?  No you don't need to wear suspenders or a vest but they would be cool too! This one is in solid white and even though it's a pullover it has a really cool faqux button pattern, you don't really need to button all those.
Stylish, cozy, perfect for dress or around the house. 
Better yet can you picture "her" cooking breakfast in this? !!!

Solid White in color

It is also available in Cream/Green Traditional Stripe, and Black/White Traditional Stripe. See Below.
Buy all three colors and SAVE even more!


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Irish Grandfather Shirt - White

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Irish Grandfather Shirt - White

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