Ogham Wish, "Loyalty"

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Ogham Wish

“Dilseacht” meaning Loyalty makes a charming gift for any occasion.

Each Oghan Wish is hand-painted on hand-made paper.

Each is enclosed in a 6" x 10.75" black wooden frame.

In the misty past of Ireland, the first alphabet developed was called Ogham.It was a system of slash marks crossing a center line, usually on a wide tree branch and later on stone plinths. The tilt and number of slash marks indicated the letter. The beauty of the system was that the branch could be carried – like a letter – or left in one spot to provide a message. Used by the Druids and other early Celts. Ogham faded from use when the Roman alphabet was introduced. Today, Ogham is experiencing a resurgence of interest.

Ethel Kelly not only creates elegant calligraphy Ogham, but hand-makes the paper it’s written on before framing. These have been extremely popular with our customers since they are usually just one word – such as love, courage, joy, music and welcome. In a short or long format, they make appreciated gifts for your friends, the bride and groom, or your own home.

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Ogham Wish, Loyalty

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Ogham Wish, Loyalty

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