Round Halo Silver Earrings Adorned with Sapphire and White Swarovski Crystals

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Dazzling dark blue crystals are framed by brilliant white crystals, all from Swarovski®, in this incredible stud earring pair. Set in shining sterling silver, these earrings exude elegance and true beauty.

Blue and White Crystals
White crystals and blue crystals come together in significant design and meaning. The white crystals, which frame the dark blue crystal, commonly represent purity, clarity, and innocence. Combined with the positive intentions of the dark blue color, this earring set is magnificently significant.

Dark blue is a color that attracts positive energies. The vibrant hue inspires calming, truthful conversations, and peaceful interactions. These keepsake earrings attract sincerity and order with their carefully crafted design and clever color combination.

Make a Set
Wear these sparkling dark blue crystal earrings framed with a plethora of tiny white crystals from Swarovski on their own, or as a set with Shanore Ireland's Signature 925 Collection matching dark blue crystal pendant with white crystals encrusted in the sterling silver frame. However the wearer chooses to showcase these incredible beauties, they are sure to capture admiration with every turn of the head.

Weight: 2.6 grams

Width: 9mm

Height: 9mm

Main Stone: Swarovski Light Sapphire Crystal

Main Stone Dimensions: 6mm

Main Stone Shape: Round

Other Stones: Swarovski White Crystals

Other Stones Dimensions: 1mm

Other Stones Shape: Round

  • Charming swarovski earrings with great attention to detail
  • A great treat for yourself or a beautiful gift for someone special
  • Perfect for teenagers and women of all ages

Product Code: 33933

Sterling Silver Swarovski ST39 Halo Sapphire Earrings (2)

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Sterling Silver Swarovski ST39 Halo Sapphire Earrings (2)

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