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Silver Claddagh Birthstone Rings, January

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A heart-shaped garnet stone, signaling a January birthday, glows warmly from the center of this Claddagh ring. A beaded crown tops the gem, and sterling silver hands curve around it. Two round-cut CZ's embedded in the band on either side create the illusion of bejeweled sleeves.

The Language of the Claddagh

The Claddagh may well be the most widely recognized emblem in Irish jewelry. People of all nations wear this symbol to indicate their commitment to romance as well as to broadcast their relationship status. An individual searching for affection slips a Claddagh ring on his or her finger with the bottom of the heart pointing outward, and an individual already settled in a partnership turns the crown to the world. The hands of the Claddagh represent friendship; the crown, faithfulness; and the heart, love.

Fiery Strength

Folklore claims that those born in January are organized and productive, and that they enjoy learning new things. The resonating red of the garnet reiterates the intensity with which they can feel conviction about a topic. This birthstone ring would keep the owner focused on nurturing herself?stoking the fire within, fostering her most independent and strong-willed qualities. And this woman knows that even a traditional look deserves a touch of panache.

This is our most popular Sterling Silver Claddagh ring. We stock it in sizes 4.5-9, including half sizes.

Due to high demand, Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping.

  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 2.5 grams
  • Height: 10mm
  • Main Stone: Garnet CZ
  • Main Stone Dimensions: 5mm x 5mm
  • Main Stone Shape: Heart
  • Other Stones: Cubic Zirconia
  • Other Stones Dimensions: 2mm x 2mm
  • Other Stones Shape: Round


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Silver Claddagh Birthstone Rings January (3)

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Silver Claddagh Birthstone Rings January (3)

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