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Take Me Home To Mayo - Derek Warfield


Kells Music is proud to welcome Derek Warfield to our family of artists. His decades as a beloved figure on the world music scene and legions of dedicated fans make him a personality with few equals in today's Irish music circles. A word very frequently used in reference to Derek is legendary, everyone at is Kells Music proud to have him among our ranks.
Take Me Home To Mayo
Derek has kept the Wolfe Tones tradition alive into the new century with this new release. The touching ballad “Take Me Home To Mayo” was recorded as a duet with famed Irish American recording artist Andy Cooney. It is the perfect touch on this album that focuses on the musical and lyrical legacy of the colonial rule in Ireland. These songs and ballads express a great deal about the social, political, and literary force-past and present. And no one can bring them to life like Derek Warfield. We stock and distribute a full range of Warfield recordings from the early Wolfe Tones days to the to fine Kells Music releases of today, “Take Me Home To Mayo” and “Clear The Way”.

  • Track 01. Take Me Home To Mayo (with Andy Cooney)
  • Track 02. Go On Home British Soldiers
  • Track 03. The Gunner McGee
  • Track 04. Bru Na Boinne
  • Track 05. Roll Of Honou
  • Track 06. Corcoran And The Prince Of Wales
  • Track 07. Sean South Of Garryowe
  • Track 08. Ballad Of Aidan McAnaspie Paddy's Lamentation (from the album Clear The Way)
  • Track 09. Sellafield Tiocfaidh Ar Lqa
  • Track 10. NYPD Honours Ireland's Sons
  • Track 11. Old Skibereen
  • Track 12. Admiral William Brown
  • Track 13. Fenian Cry Of Freedom
  • Track 14. Bold Fenian Men
  • Track 15. The Peeler And The Goat
  • Track 16. Ireland Boys Hurrah

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Take Me Home To Mayo

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Take Me Home To Mayo

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