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Danny Boy Trilogy

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Red Hurley is considered to be one of the best voices to come out of Ireland. His powerful voice, relaxed charm and energetic stage shows have captured the hearts of audience's everywhere. Performances throughout Europe and the United States have firmly established Red as a truly exceptional entertainer. He was discovered by Paddy Noonan almost 20 years ago and joined Paddy in his famous Variety Shows touring the US. Red released this his first album in the US on Rego at that time. Many say it is the best version of Danny Boy ever recorded and we fing it hard to argue.

  • Track 01. Danny, A Peace Trilogy
  • Track 02. In Shame Love, In Shame
  • Track 03. 'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
  • Track 04. The Fields Of Athenry
  • Track 05. Spancil Hill
  • Track 06. Ave Maria
  • Track 07. The Spirit Of Gael
  • Track 08. Mary From Dungloe
  • Track 09. She Move Through The Fair
  • Track 10. The Rare Old Times
  • Track 11. The Rose Of Tralee
  • Track 12. Bring Him Home

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Danny Boy Trilogy (3)

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Danny Boy Trilogy (3)

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